Customs Facility Feasibility Study

Tell me more about this service?

Individuals or business entities that will and/or are already carrying out their business activities in Indonesia, especially those that are export-oriented, can choose one of the customs facilities provided by the Indonesian government, for example: Bonded Zone, Bonded Warehouse, Bonded Logistics Center, Ease of Import for Export Purposes (KITE) , Temporary Imports, Government Borne Import Duties, and others.

These customs facilities can be utilized by businesses operating in Indonesia according to the type, business model, and supporting infrastructure owned by the businesses.

What can PCC do for me?

PCC will collect and conduct research on legal information and data, and conduct interviews with business entity to get an idea of the existing business processes and the desired customs facilities.

Our team of consultants will visit the company to conduct a physical inspection of the company’s infrastructure which includes entry and exit gate systems, fences, warehouse management systems for raw materials, finished goods, leftovers and others, as well as checking the ERP system used by the company.

Based on that, PCC will prepare a report containing an official opinion on whether or not a company is eligible to obtain the desired customs facilities.

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