Corporate Consultancy Services

Corporate habit

This service is specifically catered for companies using Bonded Zone facilities. All transactions, both incoming and outgoing of goods, must be properly and orderly documented and recorded in the IT Inventory. All shall comply with the applicable Bonded Zone provisions.

Due to the large number of transactions, companies sometimes ignore certain transactions that are not documented with customs documents but are recorded in their IT Inventory system. This will spark potential finding when a customs audit is carried out.

The company’s lack of knowledge of the underlying regulations can cause disruption to the company’s future development and expansion plans.

How the Corporate Consultancy is delivered?

Corporate consultancy services are services that provide information to the companies on the implementation of Bonded Zone facilities in daily practices, such as procedures for the incoming and outgoing of goods, documentation, legal-ground-base regulations, and solutions to problems that arise.

We package these services in the form of a contract with company in a certain period of time according to the company’s needs.

The service coverage includes:

  • Information about the latest Bonded Zone regulations and their implementation.
  • Monthly checking of accountability reports on mutations of raw materials/supporting goods, finished goods, machines, office equipments, scraps, and work-in-process (WIP) materials, along with their correlation to the reports of incoming and/or outgoing of goods per customs document.
  • Checking the data on mutations of the incoming and/or outgoing of goods recorded in the IT Inventory against data on customs documents submitted to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.
  • Preparation of reports on assets or capital goods originating from import based on data from the IT Inventory and customs documents that have been approved by the Customs and Excise Office of supervision.
  • Practical suggestions and advices that can be considered by company management to support daily operations in accordance with Bonded Zone provisions.
  • Other customs matters related to Bonded Zone.


In the long run, this service is a preventive measure that is very useful to minimize problems that can occur in the future, especially findings and/or fines from customs audits.

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