PCC - Pratama Cendikia Consultant

a consulting firm specializes in Customs & International Trade Consultancy Services


Customs and international trade remain to date a complex and dynamic environment that practices could be varied from one country to another. Not even for newly market entrants or prospective investors but even for those existing business, the issues still sometimes appear daunting and confusing. Failure to make the right decision in the customs and international trade process may cause companies to come up with operation disturbance, inefficiencies and incompliance that in turn will lead to suffering significant financial losses. Benefiting from professional consultant is a reasonable alternative for companies.


PCC emerged as a response to the dynamic practice of customs and international trade in Indonesia. At PCC, our approach is providing our clients personalized services that best fit to the business needs and uniqueness. Whether you are a newly market entrant, a prospective foreign investor or a company already in business, we are ready to be one of your partner in international trade business.


Our Clients